Group 6

Group Participants
  • - Suat Ling
  • - Debbie Tan
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Original Lesson Title
-Political Ideologies

Original Lesson Description / Plan
Trigger Activity (Completed before class)
1. Students are instructed to go to the blog. They are to view the short video clip and identify the aspects of Communism, Democracy and Captalism mentioned in the clip.
Students are told to place their comments on the pros and cons of each ideology on the blog.

In Class
3. Teacher uses comments on the blog to start discussion about the different political ideologies.
4. Teacher facilitates discussion on the differences between the three ideologies mentioned above.
5. Teacher highlights characteristics of an ideal democracy.

Activity (Relevance to Singapore)
6. Students are given a reading – “Renaissance Singapore” (Article can be found in this book:

7. Yes...but...; No... because. Activity.
Using material from the reading, students explain to what extent Singapore complements the characteristics of an ideal democracy (Classroom discussion facilitated by teacher).

Post lesson activity
8.To continue the discussion on the extent of democracy in Singpore, students are instructed to give their inputs on a google doc.

notes from Chris ...

  • is there a standard template in Singapore for displaying lesson plans? ... or is it totally up to individual schools or individual teachers?
  • are lesson plans mapped against particular standards in Singapore
  • are cross curriculum areas included in lesson plans ... e.g. ICT, ESL, multicultural, citizenship, special needs etc
  • are lesson plans mapped to the Sg General paper?
  • how is Assessment, Recording and Reporting integrated into Lesson Planning in Sg?
  • is this lesson plan for a specific time period?
  • -

What research was done when designing the new lesson plan?
Put live links to them if on the internet

New Tools and Resources
Did you learn of any new tools, websites, applications .... or classroom management strategies ... put links to them if on the web .... also give an assessment ... useful or not ... useful in another situation.

New lesson incorporating ICT



Other comments

Note from Chris (after the workshop)
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