Group 6 Lesson 2
Level: JC1

Concept / Skill to be taught:

1) Identifying Arguments
2) Formulating your own opinion about an issue
3) Reading and commenting/ responding to others' opinion

Specific Instructional Goals:
Students learn to identify arguments from an article that they have read and see how they can make use of the information to answer an essay question.

Required Materials, if any:

Newspaper Article from the Straits Times, Don't Rule out Exams


10 min

Pre-Reading Discussion:
a) What is/are the function(s) of exams?
b) How do most students view exams?


20 min

Identifying Arguments
Students are to read the article and identify the arguments put forth by the writer.
They are to separate the arguments identified into Arguments For and Arguments against.


30 min

Discussion based on article
a) Conduct an informal class survey to see if students see themselves as ‘plodders’ or ‘slackers’.
b) Discuss the merits and demerits of abolishing examinations as a mode of assessment.
c) Discuss the alternatives to examinations, and discuss if they serve the same function as exams.


Writing exercise:
Students will work in groups and create essay plans on the essay questions.

“Exams have outlived their relevance in today’s modern world.” Do you agree?
Examinations are the only way to assess a student’s merit. Do you agree?

They will do their essay plans on