Group 2
GP Skills Inc

Group Participants
Janice Lok
Pauline Chua

Original Lesson Title
How to write a thesis statement

Original Lesson Description / Plan
Teacher explains what a thesis statement is and its importance.
Teacher explains components of a thesis statement with samples.
Teacher gives essay question with outline of points.
Students attempt to write a thesis statement for the given essay question in pairs.
Teacher selects 5 pairs to go to the board and write their thesis statements.
Teacher invites peer critique.
Teacher comments on peer critique and corrects the thesis statements on the board.
Teacher shows model answer and ask for student analysis of model answer.
Students are then encouraged to refine the thesis statement.
E-learning lesson on thesis writing using web 2.0 tools
Activity (Self-directed learning on wikispaces)
(Builds up on previous lesson on brainstorming)
To view a powerpoint slideshow with voice-over on how to write a thesis statement
Practice formulating your own thesis using Thesis-Builder
Caveat: Students to refine and improve thesis created by thesis-builder
Students to be paired up to write thesis statements for 2 essay questions on wikispaces
Alternatively this step can be a pen and paper exercise so as to speed up the lesson.

What is a thesis statement? Watch the following video to find out.

To recap:

  • Your TS presents your stand and also some form of scope concerning your essay.
  • The TS is usually found at the end of the introductory paragraph.
  • You will need to analyse the essay question and brainstorm points before you can take a stand and finally formulate your thesis statement.

Now try building a thesis statement at Thesis Builder! (Click Back on your browser after you are done to return here!)

Had fun? Now work on the following task with your partner.

l Work with your partner to craft a thesis statement on the 2 following questions on wikispaces.

  • One of you should compose a basic thesis statement on question 1 first. (Use blue font)
  • The other person should refine and improve on the original thesis statement. (Use red font)
  • Now swop your roles for question 2.
  • Remember to click on the 'save' button!

1) Is marriage an outdated notion in today's world?

Type your thesis statement here!
Thesis Statement

2)“Youth is wasted on the young” (George Bernard Shaw). Do you agree?

Type your thesis statement here!


Thesis Statement

Reflections on the above lesson for the GP teacher (Updated 21st July 2009)
    1. Teachers may find it more useful to use their own powerpoint slides or materials to first teach thesis-statement writing. The slides found from slideshare tend to be geared towards a more general style of writing rather than for GP essays, where thesis statements have to be carefully crafted to address the key requirements of any question.
    2. Thesis-builder is extremely helpful in helping beginning GP students to craft evaluative thesis-statements. However the final product is in mangled English and still requires students to rewrite it grammatically. Nevertheless, Thesis-builder is highly recommended. My JC1 students found it extremely useful.
    3. For the third part of the lesson, students can instead be grouped instead of paired to work on a thesis statement for one specific question given to all groups. The final products can be put up on wikispaces/ for other groups to add comments or revise. Alternatively, the groups' different thesis statements can be written on mahjong paper or simply on the whiteboard for the class & teacher to critique in a class discussion. Much faster and does not require booking a computer lab too!
Have fun!