Group 1_ Lesson 2 Lucy How

Lesson Topic: Looking back at 2008

Lesson Outcome: Students would be able to evaluate what they read, hear and see.

Prior Knowledge: Critical Thinking Strategy has been taught

Lesson Plan
1. Students brainstorm to recall the major events of 2008.

2. Each student will then select what he thinks is the most significant event.

3. Students will brainstorm the impact of the event.

4. Students are asked to get into small groups and decided on the event that they want to work with.

5. Teacher will evaluate an event from 2008 for example:

Lehman Brothers Holdings is closing its doors with more than $600 billion of debt -- the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

6. The group will then evaluate an event which they have decided to work on.

Follow up Activity
  1. Students are to read and review current events. They are to read the daily newspaper and to review any event they find significant. A useful resource that the student can access is "Newpapers Online" or any other online newpapers which can be accessed via
  2. Students can blog their thoughts of certain current event on the blog that has been created for them so that other students can read them and perhaps respond to them. The blog is available here

Note from Chris (after the workshop)
Other resources that might be useful on the internet are "Newspapers Online" .... there are some cool websites that visually display the front page headlines from a number of different online and paper based .. all on one webpage ... have a look at the list at

It might be more focussed if say "Worldwide" or "Singapore"

Another option which might be fun is to have the students pretend (roleplay) that they are the editor of a newspaper and that they are writing an end of year editorial with your lesson topic .....